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It isn't often that a person gets to turn their everyday passion into a business reality. But for Marlene Farmer, that is exactly what she did. Baking and cooking were a few of her favorite hobbies. When Marlene made a batch of mini cheesecakes for a family friend's bridal shower, she had no idea where that one batch of cheesecakes would take her.


Fast forward through many years, long days and endless amount of hours, you have All The Crave Cheesecakes. None of this would have been possible without the support, dedication and unconditional love that her husband Darrel Farmer poured into the business alongside her.  Their first shop was a commercial building with a display freezer, iPad, an end counter and a small kitchen. After spending a few years at that location, they were able to upgrade and move into a place where customers can come in and enjoy their cheesecake on the spot.


Located in Cypress, Texas, All The Crave Cheesecakes offers over twenty different cheesecake flavors (not including their seasonal flavors). Marlene's customers can now walk in, order a cheesecake of their choice, maybe sip on a cup of coffee or hot chocolate and truly savor the flavor of a handcrafted, gourmet cheesecake. It is Marlene's goal to be able to franchise and open more shops in the Houston and surrounding areas while still keeping her authenticity of the business.

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